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Advice and management in film production.

We manage the
VAT refund

We provide the necessary support and advice to manage the refund of 50% of the VAT generated in the production.

equipment rental

25% discount on equipment rental, we have all the technical infrastructure for production.

Professional logistics,
lodging and locations

We have an extensive mapping of hotel, logistic and professional services useful for the audiovisual sector.


One place,
several options.

Ecuador has a variety of climates and seasons, enjoying an excellent geographical location that allows it to have the beautiful Andes Mountains, rainforests, valleys, virgin jungle, rivers, lagoons, exotic beaches, the enchanting Galapagos Islands with its unique fauna in the world. It has a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural nation, which coexist throughout the Ecuadorian territory.

Ecuador, a country with 4 worlds...

Film Commission Ecuador

our advantages



•Dollarized economy
• 50% VAT refund
• Equipment rental discount 25%
• Corporate rates in Hotels and Lodges



• Customs formalities for temporary equipment import
• Negotiation of locations
• Permits in National Parks



• Expert Production Team
• Bilingual staff
• Legal advice on production
•100% vaccinated against COVID19

•Professional production equipment
• Logistics available
• Casting and international portfolio
• Agreements and VIP sponsors

In Ecuador there is no risk of devaluation, which provides security to the investor, we also have the lowest inflation than the average of Latin America, the legal tender is the US dollar.

In Ecuador we have a modern physical infrastructure and road communication, distances are always short with excellent access roads.


"One location, to film all locations"

Ecuador offers a large number of different locations that simulate various sites and climates of the world all within a short distance with one of the best road infrastructures in the region, which allows lower costs and production times. Cultural diversity, natural beauty, well preserved historical and patrimonial architecture, modern cities and first-class professionals, together with our dollarized economy, provide high production values and economic stability for all types of investors and audiovisual producers.

Ubicación geográfica
Incentivos económicos
Experiencia fílmica
Infinidad de locaciones
Equipos y logística


Ecuador, the country of the 4 worlds, has a lot to contribute to the creators of stories. The great advances and development of our country in the last decade have made it possible for Ecuador to be a great natural set. We are a country with tourist efficiency, safe and renovated, with road and airport infrastructures that are a reference for the rest of the countries in the region. Ecuador is an ideal place for filming.

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